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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ulta.com Online Shopping Review

The Breakdown

Order Processing- The site claims same day processing if ordered prior to 12pm M-F or the next day prior to 12pm for orders processed on the weekend. Reality? I placed an order before 12pm on a Friday and it was not marked as processed until the following Tuesday.

Shipment- Ulta.com states that it uses wither USPS or UPS for shipment. My tracking number indicated that it was being shipped by UPS

Shipment Origin- I always wonder 'Where is my order shipping from?' In the case of Ulta.com, it seems that their warehouse is based in Illinois (at least this is where my order was shipped from)

Shipping- Once my order was processed, it entered the UPS system on the Tuesday and came to my house on Friday. The UPS tracking system is really nice, though it doesn't indicate stops between the initial scanning and the arrival at you local UPS facility. They keep customers up to date with weather issues that could affect shipping time, which I thought was a nice extra.

Overall- I think that if the order processing actually stuck to its claims, I'd be a lot happier. Otherwise, waiting about a week from when my order was placed was pretty darn good. I would just appreciate it if companies would stop making unrealistic claims. I think given the fact that most products offered by ULTA are available at drugstores (with better sales) or Sephora I don't know that I would go out of my way to order from them again. That being said, whenever there is a store where I am, I definitely make time to wander the aisles.

Star Rating- 4/5...Good, but not great

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