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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maybelline: Roller Color in 14KT Shimmer

The Breakdown


Color- Roller Color in 14KT Shimmer

Packaging- A little tube with a roller ball end.

Thoughts- So no joke, this stuff is weird. I thought I hated it, but now that I figured out how to work with it, it's not so bad.

The shade itself is a nice yellow gold, that is not too bright. The texture of the product was a surprise to me, it felt more like glitter than it did a powder shadow. To be honest, when I bought it, I thought it was a liquid-to-powder formula, but it was straight up powder.

The application was patchy, but I found that if you point the roller ball end toward the floor and shake it up and down, you can get a denser amount of product onto your lid. The applicator is large though, so this is obviously not for those who want precise application.

Overall- I thought this would be nice for an out the door pop of color, but that's not really how this product works. Its best used as a source for gold sparkle over shadows. The application is alright once you get used to it, but I was hoping for a little more in terms of possible uses.

Star Rating- 2.5/5...I can't get over how hard it is to use.

Single on the left, Attempted (but failed) multi on the right

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