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I'm starting this with the intention to provide product reviews and swatches to anyone looking for them. Nothing irritates me more when there aren't swatches of some product I'm looking into and I have to go in and buy it with the hope that it's not complete rubbish. Hopefully I can alleviate some of that stress for you people. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

bareMinerals: Gal Pal

The Breakdown


Color-Gal Pal

Packaging- Standard loose shadow pot with a plastic sifter.

Thoughts-Oh loose shadows...I have issues with them. I'm not too proficient with the whole makeup application process so loose shadows make things somewhat difficult for me. I ended up picking this up at Sephora for $13 during my mineral makeup kick a few years ago. It used to be my go to shadow anytime I wore makeup (which back then was very, very rarely) but now it has been moved to the back burner simply because my collection of shadows is a little larger than before.

Gal Pal is a rosy-pink shade that falls in the glimmer collection of bareMinerals shadows. This means that although the shadow has some very fine shimmer, it does not make your eyes look like a disco ball. The pigment of the shadow itself is matte and with no real sheen, but the shimmer picks up light so the overall effect is definitely not matte.

Unfortunately, since it is a loose shadow, there will be some fall down when you put your makeup on, but once you've got it on your lids it doesn't go anywhere. It's nice because the micro glitter isn't traveling all over your face as the day goes on. You can't really build up the color too much, but it does provide a really nice wash of color on my lids when I choose to use it.

Overall- I generally use this shadow for lazy days when all I want to do is slap on a one color and a bit of mascara so I can race out the door. I probably wouldn't use it for any multi-shadow looks, but it really is a great shade for those times that smoky eyes aren't entirely appropriate but you want a bit of color on your eyes.

Star Rating- 3.5/5, I like it, but I don't seem to be reaching for it as often as I should be to get my $13 worth.


Note: No matter what lighting I used (natural, fluorescent, under a lamp, with flash, w/o flash...you get the picture) I couldn't get the photos to turn out as true to color as usual. So when you look at these just know that the shadow is not nearly as brown as it appears. It is pink shadow, leaning towards rose NOT dusty rose.

The label

The shadow

Single swatch on the left, Multi on the right

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