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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Clinique: Lucky Penny

The Breakdown


Color-Lucky Penny (shadow)

Packaging- Silly little Clinique Sample Packaging

Thoughts-So a few years ago, I was buying the Clinique Touch Base for my mineral shadows when the nice MA at the counter decided to throw in this sample container for free. A part of me thinks that she took pity on my broke college student-ness, but the rest of me was just excited to get a free shadow. At the time BE Gal Pal and Clinique Blue Lagoon were the only shadows I owned. Also, if you read through those reviews, you can see that I was going through a single color, sparkly lid phase.

Anyway, Lucky Penny is another permanent shadow in the Color Surge Eyeshadow Super Shimmer range from Clinique which retails for $14. This again means that it has boatloads of shimmer, but it seems that the shimmer in this is slightly larger than that in Blue Lagoon. You will experience fall down with this, so be ready to touch up the tops of your cheeks and under your eyes when you use this. Despite the glitter, it has a very smooth texture and is has just the right "consistency."

Colorwise, in the packaging Lucky Penny looks is a very shimmery rose gold color. It's not too bright so it would do well in everyday looks, but has enough shimmer to handle nights out. When you apply a thin dusting the color comes out more of a tan-gold, but as you build the rosiness really shows.

I don't use this much anymore, but only because my Touch Base has long since died and I can't bring myself to pay $16+ on an eyeshadow primer. Someday I'm sure I'll give in, but for now this shadow has been set on the back burner.

Overall- I like the color and the ability to layer to intensify the shade, but it is supremely glittery. Use some sort of sticky base or else there will be glitter everywhere. Also, I recommend not putting any sort of powder on your face until you are finished applying this shadow so you can get rid of any of the fall out.

Star Rating- 3.5/5, It's nice but I do need a base for it, so stars off.


The dinky sample packaging

The shadow

Single on the left, multi on the right

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