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Friday, June 3, 2011

Cetaphil- Moisturizing Lotion for All Skin Tyes

The Breakdown
Brand- Cetaphil

Oil Free- No, contains Macadamia oil (who knew?)

SPF- None 

Packaging- A large bottle with a standard (non-airless) pump.

Thoughts- This is a lotion meant for the entire body so it is definitely thicker in consistency that a standard daily facial moisturizer. It starts out opaque, as all lotions do, but blends in to a nice non-colored surface.

This is meant to be a body lotion, but I find that it works great as a facial moisturizer as well. I have a "strawberry nose" despite my skins lack of acne based problems, meaning that I have a plethora of blackheads that stubbornly reside on my nose. I was using an Aveeno body lotion, convinced that it did the same thing as the facial moisturizers, only to find that the Aveeno was a major cause of my issue. I have very dry skin and I didn't trust a daily facial moisturizers to get the job done, so I went on the hunt for an all over lotion. Since using this, my strawberry nose situation has decreased about 80% and I'm liking the results.

Despite the fact that it does contain oil, it works great under ALL liquids foundations both water and oil based. It absorbs so quickly and thoroughly into the skin that I haven't had any issues with my foundation separating or the wear time being affected. 

Overall- I love that this stuff has a pump almost as much as I love how quickly it absorbs into the skin. It's a bit on the thicker side of facial moisturizers so I wouldn't go mixing it with my foundation, but this is awesome as a prep step under foundation. Also, I find that I have to put this on once after I leave the shower (I'm a morning shower person since I gym it up at around 5am) and then once again 5 minutes before I put on foundation to keep my skin moisturized the entire day.

Star Rating- 4.5/5...It's almost perfect, if only I needed just a single layer of product.


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