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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Olay: Complete All Day UV Moisturizer - Normal

The Breakdown
Brand- Olay

Packaging- A bottle made of thick plastic, somewhat hard to squeeze but the moisturizer is thin enough not to need too much pressure

Oil Free?- Yes

SPF- 15

Thoughts- This is a light moisturizer that has a slightly thinner texture than more day moisturizers I have seem. It is definitely a lotion and not a cream and is very easy to work into the skin, it only takes a few seconds of massage. It also has a slightly cooling effect, which is nice when you're doing your makeup while half-awake/asleep in the morning.

This is the formula for "Normal" skin. I have also used the "sensitive" version and have found no real difference in how they work. This also happens to be oil free, so for those with slightly oily skin or skin prone to breakouts, this might work in your favor.

If you own oil free foundations, this is a great moisturizer to mix in with it. I have learned that you mix like with like, so an water-based foundation + oil-containing moisturizer and vice versa doesn't really work out. It's nice if you want the coverage of a tinted moisturizer but you don't want to shell out any extra dough to have one.

Overall- I find that this works best being mixed in with my foundations. I have really dry skin and this didn't work well enough for me that I can use it as my only daily moisturizer. That being said, this is what I use to doctor my own tinted moisturizer.

Star Rating- 3/5...Great to mix with foundation, not so great for all day moisture.


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