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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clinique: Almost Makeup in (05) Deep

The Breakdown

Color- Almost Makeup in (05) Deep

Packaging- A really nice squeeze tube, very easy to use

Thoughts- As the name implies "Almost Makeup" gives a nice light to light-medium coverage. It's really nice for days when you want to wear little makeup. This is definitely a foundation for when you are having a good skin day as I found that it doesn't cover that much in the way of discoloration or blemishes and you can't build up the coverage past the light-medium stage. In that case, a bit of concealer never hurt anyone. Despite this, it blends amazingly into the skin so the slightly stunted shade selection can be used by a larger range of skintones. It is a smidge too light for me when applied heavily, but when done properly it sits well on my skin.

Despite the light coverage, the foundation does leave you with a slight bit of the "I can feel the foundation on my face" syndrome. It's not much or anything major, but it is worth noting.

Overall, Almost Makeup has a nice dewy-natural finish. If you have dry skin, you can get away with not powdering your face and all will be good and fine. However people with oily skin will benefit with a dusting down the center of the face.

I've found that the majority, if not all, of the shades in this range have a slight pink undertone. If you are supremely yellow-toned, then this is not the way to go. I have a face that is much more yellow than my neck so the pink tone in this actually helps balance my face and neck a bit more.

Lastly, I've found that on dry skin, I can get about 6 hours of wear without a primer. With a primer (I use Rimmel Fix & Perfect) I can extend it to about 8, which is about as long as I require for day-to-day use.

Overall- This is my go to high end foundation when I'm in a hurry. It's impossible to mess up and I love the coverage it gives. This is what I use when I need to be out the door in 5 minutes and can't spend the time using bronzer to adjust the shade of my foundation.

Comparison- I found that the coverage was lighter than both the Neutrogena Healthy Skin and the Revlon Photoready. All three of these shades were recommended for my skin tone (about NC37), but there is clearly a large difference in the both the shades and the undertones. They are all different finishes, HS-slightly more dewy than AM and Photoready-slightly powdery. If I had to choose only one, I would pick the Clinique Almost Makeup without question.

Star Rating- 4.5/5...I only wish it felt a tad lighter on my face.

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