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Sunday, April 17, 2011

RImmel: Lash Accelerator Mascara

The Breakdown


Packaging- Nifty black and gold tube

Thoughts- This sucker came with a some pretty big claims. A single application of the mascara itself is supposed to give 80% longer lashes and 30 days of use claims the potential for 117% of growth. Let's see how they turned out shall we?

The brush is made of stiff clear plastic fibers, which allows for a great amount of definition. The width of the brush does change as it seems to be largest 1/3 from the tip and tapers down on either side. I love this brush. I was a mascara newbie when I used this and it was one of the easiest mascaras to apply.

Initially, the formula is very thin and it seems like you won't get much length...WRONG. From the start you get amazing length (better than some other mascaras, at least) and a crazy amount of definition. It's as if the mascara was able to coat my lashes individually. The mascara does change in consistency over time. I understand that mascaras dry out with repeated use, but as I am a contact lens wearer and I follow the 3 month rule, I never keep a tube to the point that it dries out.  It did thicken as weeks passed, but it only helped in providing length and even gave a bit more volume towards the end.

As of right now, there is no waterproof version of this mascara, which is disappointing. I always had to be extra careful when wearing my contacts as anything flying into my eyes would result in tears and a potential for raccoon eyes. It is unfortunately prone to a bit of smudging under the eyes after about 4 hours of wear.

My biggest problem with this mascara is its curl holding abilities. It's merely okay, maybe even a little worse than that. I have short, sparse asian straight lashes and if a mascara can't hold a curl, then it becomes useless to even use it. It did tend to kill about 60% of the curl I would painstakingly try to impart on my lashes, so I always had to go the route of extreme curling in order to get a kind-of okay curl.

As for the growth factor? I did in fact see a slight increase in length, though no where near 117%. What I was most impressed with was the more noticeable increase in thickness that each individual lash achieved. I didn't have high hopes for the growth claim, but after my experiment I can assure you that it can work from SOME people. What you have to remember is that everyone is different and there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results as I did.

Overall- I liked the mascara more the older it got, it starts out really thin and wet but as the weeks went on I definitely saw a change in texture. I also love the length and definition that the mascara gave, though I prefer to have a bit more in the realm of volume. As you can see from the pictures below, I did see a slight change in length and even a change in the thickness of the lashes. I am a contact wearer however so I don't see my self picking another one of these up unless they come out with a waterproof formulation.

Star Rating- 4/5...My lashes did grow a bit, which was cool and the formula is nice, but I wish it came in a waterproof version.


The Experiment

So I tried to take as scientific an approach to this as possible. Everyday for 6 weeks, I applied one coat of the mascara and kept it on for a minimum of 6 hours. No days were skipped, even those days when I did not leave the house. Here are the results, please be prepared for weird looking pictures of my right eye.

Day 1

Pre-experiment bare lashes

+One Coat of the Mascara

Week 1 Update

Bare lashes, 1 week of daily wear

+One Coat, 1 week of daily wear

Week 2 Update
Bare lashes, 2 weeks of daily wear

Sorry no +1 coat picture this week (I forgot)

Week 3 Update

Bare lashes, 3 weeks of daily wear
Again, no +1 coat pictures.

Notes: I had eyes issues this week. Lots of eye rubbing was done due to screwy weather so the outer corner lost a few lashes

Week 4 Update

Bare lashes, 4 weeks of daily wear

+One coat, 4 weeks of daily wear
The mascara is drying a little bit, making it go on a little thicker

Week 5 Update

Bare lashes, 5 weeks of daily wear

Bare lashes, 5 weeks of daily wear, different angle

+1 coat, 5 weeks of daily wear
I went a little light with the application this day, so not much additional length with the +1.
Also, my lashes curled a bit better this day, so the angle is deceiving.

Week 6 + 1 Day Update

I take update pics on Thursdays and the Week 6 Thursday happened to be Thanksgiving. So this is actually a Friday post. And yes, I am aware of how awful the lighting is here.

Bare lashes, 6 Weeks + 1 Day of daily wear

Lashes +1 coat of mascara, after 6 Weeks +1 Day of daily wear

Notes: The mascara is definitely thicker than it was in the beginning. Right now, it is perfect and the length I get from one coat is ridiculous.

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