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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

China Glaze: Dorothy Who?

The Breakdown

Brand-China Glaze

Color-Dorothy Who?

Thoughts-Oh man, I am in serious lust with this polish. It was part of a line of polished inspired by The Wizard of Oz, I don't know if it was limited edition or not, but I do know that this polish is now part of their permanent line.

In terms of color? Well, first think of the ruby slippers from the movie. Then, replace the red with a bright cerulean blue. It is nothing short of lovely. It is rife with large bits of bright blue and silver glitter, exactly like a blue version of those oh-so-famous shoes.

Qualitywise? To get an even coat of glitter, you need at least three thin coats. Thick coats are not the way to go, so you need a bit of patience to layer and let dry. Also, the glitter is so large that you can never get a smooth coat with just the polish. A thicker top coat (Seche Vite) or two layers of a thinner one is the best way to go. You do need to let it dry completely before doing anything or else all those layers of polish will dent, not a good look.

Overall-Amazing, no other word for it. The massive chunks of glitter make it difficult to remove without a cotton ball (I normally use the jars with sponges in them, I'm lazy). I get compliments everytime I wear this and I find myself gravitating to it whenever I don't have a particular color in mind. Regardless, I hope this polish never goes away.

Star Rating- 5/5, I always want to wear this polish, always.


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