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I'm starting this with the intention to provide product reviews and swatches to anyone looking for them. Nothing irritates me more when there aren't swatches of some product I'm looking into and I have to go in and buy it with the hope that it's not complete rubbish. Hopefully I can alleviate some of that stress for you people. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Online Shopping Review-Trans Design

The Breakdown

Purchased- China Glaze past collections

Price- $2.99/China Glaze polish

Shipping- By weight, four bottles set me back $8-$9 in shipping. Nail polish is heavy

Overall-The color selection of this site is ridiculous. There is a good mix of permanent colors, great for those w/o a Sally Beauty Supply to feed your China Glaze fix, and those hard to find Limited Edition polishes that seem to sell out instantly. They give options to buy individual bottles or polish sets of each collection, for those in love with an entire LE release.

I picked up three colors- Midnight Mission, Emerald Fitzgerald and Recycle. All were from LE collections. I fell in love with the first two after checking out Temptalia's swatches and I drove to about 5 Sally's, only to return disappointed. My cousin was looking for a gray polish (Recycle) but they were either too expensive(OPI You Don't Know Jacque), too brown (Rimmel Steel Gray) or sold out (again, OPI You Don't Know Jacque). Her quest led me to break down and place an order to trans design, the only site that has had fully positive reviews via youtube. In total, the four bottles I ordered (I picked up a Recycle for myself) set me back about $21, including tax and shipping.

Shipping wise, it's not lightening fast, nor is it supremely slow. They use Fed Ex, so you can track your package with once a day updates. It took about 1 1/2 weeks to get my order in, which isn't too bad at all. When I got it it came packaged quite well, with all the packing peanuts it didn't look like anything could cause the bottles harm.

From what I can tell, Trans Design also sells more high end polishes (OPI, Essie, Orly) though none of the prices are as low as those from China Glaze. I'm pleased with my order and the process, though the shipping cost tends to negate all of my discounted price savings, so it'll remain my last resort option.

Rating-5/5...This is a great site for anyone trying to track down LE collections of the past or for those (like me) who aren't quick enough to snag them at Sally's.

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