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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Overall Review-Jordana: Easyliner for Eyes

Overall Review

Product-Easyliner for Eyes

Packaging- Twist up eyeliner pencil

Thoughts-As of right now, these are my least favorite cosmetics purchases of all time. I was drawn in because the eleventhgorgeous girls were raving about the Fab-U-Liner by the same brand. I figured the brand overall was good, so when I saw these at $1.99 I wanted to try them.

Unfortunately, I didn't follow my first rule in eyeliner purchases-make sure it is waterproof. BIG mistake, these have absolutely no staying power and will come off with the lightest touch. My lids fold asian-style so the transfer from these liners is a nightmare to deal with. I have even gone so far as to setting them with a powder, I tried eyeshadows and translucent face powder and I have tried them over primers. NOTHING I have done has worked.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. The only people I can see this working on would be people with no folds in their lids, but even then the staying factor is horrible so it would still be useless. I have demoted these to practice makeup, where I'll use it before I shower just to get techniques down or to try out new eyeliner patterns, but I will never subject myself to wearing this product in public.

For individual reviews, click the links- Purple Fusion or Sterling Blue

Star Rating- 0.25/5....I cannot dislike this more than I do.


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