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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Overall Review- N.Y.C. Waterprood Pencil Eyeliner

The Breakdown


Product-Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner

Packaging- Standard pencil, needs a sharpener

Thoughts-BOGO free and clearance sales make me (and my miniscule makeup collection) a very happy camper

I have this liner in four shades-Dark Brown, Smoky Plum, Bronze Gold and Turquoise- the first two are permanent and the last two are limited edition. I picked up the Dark Brown and Smoky Plum because I wanted to try a cheaper alternative to the Styli Style 24hr Line and Seal liners, which didn't work as well as I had hoped. The black was sold out at the time so these were the two I went for. I got the last two at the end of the summer (2010), the packaging indicated they were limited edition and I was lucky enough to get them on 75% clearance.

Each shade has a supremely fine shimmer running through the pencil, but it is small enough that it will not cause irritation to the eye. I wear it on the waterline all the time and have not had a problem at all. Also, from my extensive testing, this stuff is truly waterproof, adding water and eye rubbing to the mix will have little affect on the liner's appearance. Most importantly though is that this liner is truly TRANSFER-PROOF. I have not had issues with it transferring to my lids or moving around, because of this I think I can declare it my HG drugstore eyeliner.

The Dark Brown is the perfect dark shade to line my waterline when I don't want a harsh black. Also it is really nice for a natural look on my upper lash line, when I choose not to go with my liquid or gel liner.

The Smoky Plum is exactly what the name describes, it's a nice darkened plum with a slight gray undertone. I use this interchangeably with the Dark Brown on my waterline so I can have definition without the harsh color contrast.

The Bronze Gold (LE) definitely leans more toward the gold side of things. This is very, very creamy and soft so I have to be careful not to add too much pressure when I'm lining my eyes. I use this mainly as an accent to the Dark Brown when I line my upper lash line, though I have used it on my waterline as well to brighten my eyes a bit. If you do though, be sure to run a bit of the brown on the outer third of the lower lash line just to give the eyes definition.

The Turquoise (LE) is very bright, as you can see by the photos below. It is true to color, meaning the color the pencil is is the color that will show up on your lids. I use this as an accent on my upper lash line and for a pop of color on the outer third of my lower.

Overall- I don't think love is a strong enough word for my feelings about this liner. It has great staying power (10+ hrs on my non-oily lids), doesn't smudge and best of all...does not transfer! It is also waterproof which translates to at least 6hrs of wear on my waterline. It's perfect for my eye type and desired uses, I haven't come across anything that works nearly as well.

Star Rating-5/5...I will happily purchase again and again.


L-R: Dark Brown, Smoky Plum, Bronze Gold, Turquoise

L-R: Dark Brown, Smoky Plum, Bronze Gold, Turquoise

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