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I'm starting this with the intention to provide product reviews and swatches to anyone looking for them. Nothing irritates me more when there aren't swatches of some product I'm looking into and I have to go in and buy it with the hope that it's not complete rubbish. Hopefully I can alleviate some of that stress for you people. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

China Glaze: Midnight Mission

The Breakdown

Brand-China Glaze

Color-Midnight Mission

Thoughts-Midnight Mission is a part of the LE Vintage Vixens Collection. From what I can tell, it was available at Sally's for a little bit, but they only carried a few bottles of each. I missed out, as a few months ago I didn't know how nail launches worked, so I had to break down and search for the sucker online (at transdesign, review here).

The polish itself is a blackened navy blue, there's no other way to describe it really. It has fine but still noticeable) silver and blue glitter running through it. The silver gives the polish another dimension and gives it a faux 'metallic' sheen when light hits at the right angle.

The quality is amazing and, to be honest, I expect nothing less from China Glaze. It's easy to apply and lasts a while given the right topcoat. Well worth my money.

Overall-It's no surprise that I simply love this color. It's dark without being black and sits perfectly against my coloring. I'll be sad when it runs out, but I figure if/when that time comes I'll have boatloads more nail polish than I do now that will ease the pain.

Star Rating- 5/5, If you don't mind turning to an online retailer and have a few other polishes you missed out on, go ahead and add this to your cart...you won't regret it.


Love, Love, Love

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