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Saturday, November 6, 2010

CoverGirl: Outlast Smoothwear Liner in Indigo

The Breakdown


Color-Outlast Smoothwear Liner in Indigo

Packaging- Twist up eyeliner pencil

Thoughts-This was an impulse buy at CVS a long while ago, I think there was a 40% off sale on Covergirl eye products AND there was a 50% sticker on this AND there was a 'Save $1 Instantly' coupon on the packaging. So it ended up being something like $0.75, but this was the only color with that promo, so I only picked up the one.

The color is a deep, deep blue. It's almost black if you layer it enough. Also, it does not budge one bit, if you rub the tip between your fingers for a minute to warm it up, you can get it on the waterline and it will stay there for at least 6 hrs. Nothing smudges this liner.

The texture is where I have issues. It is supremely hard, almost too hard. It drags on the lids quite a bit, which can be painful if you are a contact lens wearer like I am. The texture makes it difficult to create a smooth solid line, which is not all that attractive (see swatches below). Also, it is a mission to get off, you really need an oil based makeup remover or else it will not budge. The balance between staying power and texture just isn't quite right for me.

Overall- This liner is no joke, it stays so unbelievably well, I don't have a transfer issues when I wear this. Unfortunately, I don't wear it often as the hard texture is a pain, literally, to work with. Also, the tip does need to be sharpened on occasion whenever the liner stops writing smoothly. Because of this, I don't think I'll be buying anymore of these.

Star Rating- 3/5...It has good staying power, but drags a little too much on my eyelids.


Labels (hard to read, I know)

The liner, see how dark it is?

Single on the left
Smudge Test on the right
Water+Smudge Test below

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