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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MAC: Blush in Prim & Proper

The Breakdown


Color-Blush in Prim & Proper (LE Liberty of London Collection)

Thoughts-So this was part two of my CCO reward. I knew going in that I wanted a blush with the Satin finish (I don't do glitter or super matte...yikes!). I almost walked out without seeing this until I saw a glass case that it was housed in. This was my first CCO trip, so I didn't know that at the store I went to they kept the low stock LE items in a case since there are not enough to have a tester out. I saw it, fell in love and knew I had to buy it.

So the color is a little hard to describe, but I think the pics that I took do it justice. It's kind of a brown-y, rose-y, plum-y color. Against my skin, it looks AMAZING. It has this really nice natural sheen to it so it goes really well with the face makeup I used, which tends to be on the dewy/natural finish side rather than the shiny/super matte one. I love the finish to this blush and am looking forward to sequestering more MAC blushes with a Satin finish.

It has a really good texture, goes on smoothly and blends with no effort at all. It is also highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. This is a good thing because unless they decide to re-promote this in the near future, it is being saved as my special occassion blush (YES, it is that good).

Overall-I heart this stuff to the max. It is amazing, but it was a LE product so if you are interested CCOs or discount cosmetics websites are gonna be your best bet to get a hold of this one. If you can get over to a CCO that still carries it, I say grab it since I still paid the discounted price, not the LE-take-advantage-of-you super inflated prices that most 'discount' sites charge. If you see it, don't think, just buy it.

Star Rating- 5/5, Love, Love, Love.

The coolest packaging ever

The Label

A look at the blush

The Swatches (backward, again): Multi to the Left, Single to the Right

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