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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sephora: Lush Flush Lip & Cheek Stain in Wine

The Breakdown

Brand-Sephora Collection

Color-Lush Flush Lip & Cheek Stain in Wine

Packaging- Little plastic squeeze-able tube with a doe foot applicator in the lid

Thoughts-So I picked this up because I was eager to try a cheek stain instead of powder blushes. I am used to spending long hours on campus with an already packed backpack, so long wearing products that need no touch up at all really appealed to me. Unfortunately, the two most popular cheek stains-Tarte's Lip and Cheek stain and Benefit's Benetint, were (and still are) out of my price range. After my drugstore research turned up short, I ventured on Sephora's site to see in they had a more affordable alternative...and this is it.

Like all cheek stains, the color that it appears in the tube is a bit intimidating. The name of the product matches the tube color quite well, but on the skin the stain comes off more as a raspberry flush. Luckily for me, this is the actual color my cheeks turn after a good workout, so I had no problems with whether or not the stain would suit my skin tone.

Texture-wise the product is a loose gel that blends really easily, though I would recommend using a synthetic brush that has been sprayed with a little bit of water. Personally, I use the e.l.f. Studio Line Blush brush and a little spray bottle filled with water. The stain sets quickly so working one cheek at a time is essential and I've found that a brush works faster and gives a more even result. I also found that you should apply this AFTER your foundation has settled onto the skin, but BEFORE anything powder goes anywhere near your cheeks. I also feel like it would have a weird finish over super matte foundations (Revlon Colorstay). I have not tested this theory but I'm sure it would have the same effect as placing it on top of powdered skin.

My only issue is that it is difficult to keep it sanitary, unless you squeeze some of the gel onto your hand and use a brush to apply it, you will be forced to use the doe foot over and over again.

Overall-I really enjoy this product and would buy it again once I get through my current tube. I used to use this for long school days, but now tend to use this on no foundation days. It is the perfect match to the natural color in my cheeks and helps to even out the splotchiness.

Star Rating- 4.0/5, Gives that perfect hint of flush.


The squeezy-tube packaging

The Applicator, standard doe foot

Swatches: Top-Single, Middle-Multi, Bottom-Blended

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