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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wet n Wild: Color Icon in Greed (246)

The Breakdown

Brand-Wet n Wild

Color-Color Icon in Greed (246)

Packaging-Sturdy plastic palette with a nifty eye diagram on the back.

Thoughts-I picked this up at the same time I got the Vanity palette...40% off sales rock my drugstore cosmetics world.

As with all of these palettes, the right shadows are matte and the left are shimmery 'effect' shadows. The matte shadows are soft, incredibly soft, maybe even too soft. I'm afraid that if I forget not to press too hard that the salmon pink and the black (especially the black) will fall apart and I'll lose the whole shadow. They are super pigmented and not chalky, so I think Wet n Wild should just press them a little more firmly as most soft shadows are pressed that way to increase color payoff, which these do not need.

I have issues with the effects shadows on this palette. As with the other palettes in this range, the glitter is big enough to identify all the individual pieces. The periwinkle blue and the shimmery pink have little to no pigmentation. It seems as if all the color comes from the sparkle embedded in the shadow, so all you are doing is adding a pink or blue glitter on top of a base shadow. Also, what is that blue doing in this palette? It doesn't go well with the other shades and I would have preferred a shimmery cream or beige shade in its place. The one redeeming quality of the effect shadows is the shimmery black, it seems to be a black base shot through with silver. Holy pigmentation Batman, it is amazing, but it seems that the more color payoff there is, the softer the shadow. The shimmery black is definitely on that you need to treat with a light hand.

Overall- I love the matte side shadows, but the 'effects' shadows are a bummer for me. They are supposed to be highly pigmented, but the blue and pink are definitely not. I have the same issues with shadow consistency that I have with the last. This is not my favorite of the Color Icon palettes, but for under $5, it's still a pretty okay buy. If someone asked me if they should get it, I'd tell them that unless they are in love, go for the Vanity palette instead.

Star Rating-2.5/5, I like to use it, but the iffy quality is killing me.


The palette

The diagram that is useless to my eye shape

The shadows

Matte shadows, Single on the left and Multi on the right.
The black is crazy soft and insanely pigmented.

The effect shadows, Single on the left and Multi on the right
Do you see what I mean with the crap color payoff on the blue and pink?

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