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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Styli Style: Line & Seal 24hr in (121) Black Velvet

The Breakdown

Brand-Styli Style

Color-ine & Seal 24hr in (121) Black Velvet

Packaging- Standard pencil, requires a sharpener

Thoughts- Another YouTube made me do it, but this time it's from EnKore Makeup. I was looking for a liner that didn't smudge and I came across on of his videos where he used s Styli Style pencil. I have asian folded lids, where the inner corner folds completely bit from mid-to-outer it does not. I have had issues with transferring and I was looking for a liner that would not give me this problem. These are available at CVS and Rite Aid (I'm unsure about Walgreens) for about $5-7, depending on the area you live in.

The liner is a nice dark black, but doesn't go on as smoothly as I would have hoped (see swatches). It is most definitely water proof and holds for at least 4hrs on my waterline, not the advertised 24 but I don't think there will ever be a liner that holds that long on the waterline. It only smudges with a lot of pressure, which is something I was looking for. It can be sharpened with a standard makeup pencil sharpener, it does not need to be the Styli Style brand one (I use a Wet n Wild one I got on sale for $0.50).

Overall- It's good and I like it, but I have found that the NYC waterproof pencils work just as well and are priced a little less. I like the color range, but there are a lot of variations on black, with no way of knowing what the difference is. I found that it transfers after 7hrs, not 24, but I tend to use gel/cream liners on the lid just because I seem to always have transfer issues with my asian style double folding lids.

Star Rating-3.5/5, It's a good product but not the best I've come across

Labels galore

Again with the labels

The pencil, post-sharpening

Swatches- It's a little different this time around
Left- Standard Swatch, 1 pass
Right-Swatch + high pressure rubbing
Bottom-Swatch + spritz of water + rubbing

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